Technical principle

- May 19, 2016 -

The computer screen is two dimensional, we appreciate, as a kind of three-dimensional images are displayed in different colors of gray and on the computer screento eye an optical illusion, and will be perceived as a two-dimensional computer screen in three dimensions. Based on the knowledge of chromatics, protruding partsof the three-dimensional edge generally display high brightness color, which dented partly due to the light of the block and a dark color. This recognition is widelyused in Web page or other application buttons, 3D line drawing. For example to draw 3D text, which display high brightness of color in the original location, at the bottom left or right choice locations with low light color sketch its outlines, so visually creates 3D text effect. When exactly the same fonts that are available in a varietyof locations to draw 2D text of two different colors, as long as the two coordinates of the text proper, you can visually create 3D text effects.

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