3D Cinema System 3D Industry

- Jul 21, 2017 -

3D Cinema System 3D industry

Domestic 3D brand in the market occupies a large component? Influence enough? First look at the international first-line brand: earlier RealD series of products in China for the rental business model, take the box office sub-account, the impact of the domestic 3D market deep. In 2010, the active glasses price is expensive, such glasses due to battery consumption caused by glasses scrapped, expensive and wear heavy. The US market is basically by RealD, Xpand, Dolby 3 monopoly of the entire 3D industry. Now the market can not only see RealD, Dolby, Xpand these brands, can also see a wide range of domestic brands, people are not only satisfied with the single-channel 3D system, but burst out of a more solution. China's 3D industry has its unique and innovative, in the rapid development of the 3D era, customers began to rely more on local brands, 3D reform is quietly spread the atmosphere. The domestic 3D brands have emerged. Today, the level of domestic and RealD such a gap between the brand is narrowing, and even beyond the possibility of business is committed to 3D light efficiency, brightness and other performance improvements, the progress of these technologies enough to witness the revolutionary development of 3D.

So, where should 3D technology go? 3D The biggest problem in today's show is: ghosting, brightness is too dark, especially the brightness problem. The audience for many 3D movies are quite critical. Film source, 3D system, shadow room between the screen interlocking, missing. Single 3D system equipment as the starting point, in the ghosting and brightness must be strict control. The loss of the number of viewers due to product quality is the most reluctant to see for 3D practitioners. But how does the product guarantee the quality of 3D, bring really nice, comfortable 3D experience? To make a long time to watch down the good 3D, need to focus on 3D three-dimensional, picture clarity, high color fidelity (less color gamut change) processing.

Many people describe the 3D market is a big cake, no one wants to share a cup of soup. 3D market is rapid acceleration of the pace, what is the point According to China Digital statistics, the country has a total of 3438 digital cinema, of which 3420 can be 3D projection, accounting for 99.5% of all digital cinema. Digital screen has 15380, the basic realization of the commercial screen all digital. Digital screen has 3D screen 11854 block, accounting for 77.1% of the number of digital screen. 3D new 30% of the screen every year, the equivalent of an annual increase of 3,000-4,000 screens, 3D standard configuration accounted for about 70% of the domestic total of 3D screen 9,100, last year a total of 10% of the 3D video, More than 40% of the 360 films, that is, only 30 3D movies, but the box office more than 40 percent, the contribution to the box office can not be ignored. Such as the rapid growth of spring bamboo shoots market, the product presents a variety of forms of the phenomenon is not to mention. If the 3D standard is not established in time, because the audience visual fatigue, watching the interest reduced, the audience tired of low-quality 3D, in a way, 3D movies will not be held, the industry will be a certain risk. As the theater 3D so far there is no norms and standards, regular manufacturers in the sale of patents need to first, so the introduction of standards and standards of scientific research is necessary and urgent. 3D equipment, film source, show three parties need to work together in the business common 3D development platform, 3D has been on the road to reform, 3D standard is imperative.

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