3D Cinema System Completely Overturned

- Nov 02, 2017 -

3D Cinema System Completely overturned

From silence to sound, from black and white to color, from the film to the digital age, the Chinese film has gone through a hundred years of long development. In spite of the slowness, but the development of the film to today has become an indispensable spiritual entertainment, looking back over the past century, the film culture in every specific period of commitment to propaganda ideas, the main position of cultural transmission. Human civilization has created a film, the film is rich in human civilization, no matter how the development of society, how to improve technology, the film will become more bright, like in recent years, 3D film into a complete subversion of the traditional human vision, let people appreciate the unprecedented Of the stereoscopic horizon.

Today, the "Avatar", "Thai buried Nick 3D", "Pacific Rim", "Dragon Flying A" as the representative of large domestic and foreign, 3D way presented in the theater theater, for the majority of film lovers To a new three-dimensional movie experience. People love to watch 3D in the theater, mainly because the theater has an unparalleled advantage in the family or conference room. First of all, the cinema screen size is generally 10 meters high, 19.8 meters wide, mostly 120 inches or 150 inches, IMAX3D giant screen is greater. Second, the theater sound is the use of surround sound, a studio usually installed around the four more HI-FI sound. Compared with 3D movies, 3D TV has a more obvious advantage. When watching 3D movies, the audience must wear heavy special glasses to see the movie. With the continuous improvement of 3D technology, into the family living room 3D TV, do not need to wear glasses in the case can also be used to watch the naked eye. The upcoming 3D TV, you can experience the three-dimensional effect of the naked eye.

Plasma 3D:

From the technical point of view, to take self-luminous technology Plasma TV relative to the LCD TV in contrast, response time, color reproduction, viewing angle has a natural advantage:

 First, the plasma TV screen contrast is high. In the 3D display, the LCD TV contrast problem is more serious, dark scenes more clearly. While the plasma TV color level is higher, dark details and color level performance is more prominent. It is reported that the plasma TV giant Panasonic's latest research and development of contrast technology can increase the contrast to infinity.

Second, the plasma TV color is more real. Plasma display of each pixel can be independent of the light, very uniform, no bright and dark areas, which makes the plasma TV color reproduction ability stronger than the LCD TV.

Third, the plasma TV refresh rate is higher, dynamic clarity is high, there is no trailing phenomenon. LCD TV picture fluency has always been a problem, and in the 3D TV high refresh requirements, the advantages of plasma TV is increasingly obvious. Millisecond-level liquid crystal molecules response time significantly with microsecond plasma has a certain gap. LCD TV screen mainstream refresh rate of 240Hz, while the plasma TV has exceeded 600Hz.

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