3D Cinema System Main Body Prominent

- Aug 04, 2017 -

3D Cinema System Main body prominent

one. Overview 3D cinema system is an emerging international special theater, with the main body, high technology content, the effect of realistic and so on. The audience in the experience of the process can really feel the film in the various objects blowing, as if exposure to the film environment, feel the new technology brought about by the novel experience. Stereoscopic projection system consists of three-dimensional film and three-dimensional projection equipment, three-dimensional film is usually produced using digital film technology, through computer-related software modeling, rendering, generated by the three-dimensional film can reach the general camera difficult to reach the aircraft and shooting angle. Performance content is also due to high temperature, high pressure, high risk or not in the same space and other general camera can not shoot the event. For example: volcanoes, tsunamis, deep sea, outer space and so on. Three-dimensional projection equipment: large screen edge fusion system, player, ring screen; dedicated three-dimensional projection screen, projector, three-dimensional projection hanger, glasses, accessories, etc .; other auxiliary equipment: sound system, UPS power supply, wire, Features 4D theater features 1. immersive: 3D visual effects, three-dimensional surround sound, the perfect combination of feeling, visual, auditory, olfactory and somatosensory sensory effects are the ultimate; the audience in the 3D theater system The environment is like the role of the film inside the general experience of the film plot. 2. highly ornamental: 3D cinema system are used in theater-class high-end projector, high-definition screen, brightness, color reproduction is good, with a good viewing. three. Environmental requirements 1. Roof: with perforated sound-absorbing material, according to fire regulations to install the nozzle, the fire pipe placed above the ceiling, the pipeline to form a custom. 2. doors and windows: the entrance of the theater entrance according to the requirements of the theater, the use of dual-door open the door, the net width of the door is not less than 1400mm, 1400mm front door should not have a step; control room and equipment between the door sound insulation effect must be good; Shadow door and light transmission at the shade curtains.

3. Area: 3D theater system site area according to the number of seats, ring / flat screen, etc. slightly different, of course, if there are ready-made venues, the need for professional production units according to the situation and equipment to design the theater program. 4. High requirements: 3D cinema system on the high level of the request is mainly for the number of seats more customers, because the theater seats are generally ladder-like, the number of seats after the multi-level requirements on the more, General recommendations 3 theater height design in more than 4 meters more appropriate, except in special circumstances. 5. Ventilation conditions: the auditorium should have a good ventilation system and air conditioning system to ensure that the audience has a comfortable environment; ventilation and air conditioning system must take muffler measures, should be passed through the outlet into the auditorium noise than the hall Allow low noise. 6. Wall / fire: the wall of the wall stickers sound absorption board or do soft bag sound absorption wall, soft cushion cushion thickness of not less than 10mm, the surface treatment into a dark blue or dark gray, black, fabric should be fire retardant treatment. Cinema sound-absorbing material should be arranged to meet the reverberation calculation and eliminate strong anti-sound. 7. Architectural acoustics requirements: background noise after decoration should be consistent with NC-35 characteristic curve requirements; the acoustic indicators should be consistent with the relevant provisions of the state. (See "Digital Stereo Cinema Architectural Acoustics Standard (GY / T183-2002)")

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