3D Cinema System Three-dimensional Sense Of Space

- Aug 16, 2017 -

3D Cinema System Three-dimensional sense of space

3D cinema system allows the audience from the screen to obtain a three-dimensional sense of space visual image, it is different from the ordinary movie in the show only the image of the plane feel. 3D cinema system is the use of what principle?

  Human vision is able to distinguish between distance, is the gap between the two eyes. People's eyes separated by about 5 cm, two eyes in addition to aim at the front outside, to see any one thing, the angle of the eyes will not be the same. Although the gap is small, but by the retina to the brain, the brain to use this small gap, resulting in the depth of the distance, resulting in three-dimensional. Although an eye can see the object, but the distance between the object is not easy to distinguish. According to this principle, if the same scene, with two eye perspective to create a gap between the two images, and then let one side of the two eyes, each see their own side of the image, through the retina can make the brain depth of field Three-dimensional sense. 3D cinema system is the use of binocular stereo vision principle.

 3D stereoscopic film has a variety of production forms, which is widely used is polarized glasses. It is the way to observe the scene of the human eye, the use of two parallel placement of the film camera, respectively, on behalf of the left and right eyes, synchronized shooting two slightly horizontal parallax film screen. When shooting, the two movie films were loaded into the left and right movie projectors, and in the projection before the lens were installed two polarization axis 90 degrees each of the polarizer. Two projectors need to synchronize the operation, while the screen cast on the metal screen, the formation of the left like a double shadow. When the audience wears a special polarized glasses, because the left and right polarizing mirror of the polarization axis perpendicular to each other, and with the projection lens before the polarization axis consistent, resulting in the left eye of the audience can only see the left, the right eye only Can see the right image, through the convergence of the eyes will be left and right like the stack and on the retina, the brain produced by the three-dimensional visual effects of the brain. Showing a coherent three-dimensional picture, so that the audience feel the scenery blowing, or into the deep recesses, resulting in a strong "immersive" feeling.

 Every few years, you may see a mainstream 3D cinema system, such as James Cameron directed 3D stereoscopic sci-fi movie "Avatar" (Avatar). Director Cameron uses live 3D photography technology, he developed specifically for the "Avatar" shooting 3D virtual image capture photography system, with two HDCF950HD camera to create a three-dimensional real environment, and the use of special effects computer to make the effect Hyun to the extreme. New photographic technology to keep the picture stable, the screen color rich, alien monsters, beautiful magical creatures, dotted in the air of the mountains, colorful gorgeous plants filled with dense rainforest, so that the audience dizzying and amazing, the audience also Can be with the protagonist in the Pandora planet fleeing emergency jumper waterfall, or volley ride giant birds, etc., telepresence full.

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