3D Eyeware Do Not Use Water

- Oct 12, 2017 -

3D Eyeware Do not use water

3D glasses and ordinary glasses, in principle, should be used independently, even between family members, it is best to be a mark, wearing a fixed 3D glasses.

3D glasses usually do not use, the best place in a dry, closed place to save, can also be saved with 3D glasses box, so as not to cause 3D glasses lens scratches, damage.

Here we take a look at how experts care about 3d glasses talk about the following:

1: When using 3D glasses, please do not bend hard, wear should be careful, so as not to fall on the ground broke.

2: children under the age of 6. vision in the important development period. Use glasses in the process of discomfort, such as dizziness. Nausea and so on. Please stop using the well to consult a pediatrician or an ophthalmologist.

3: Do not use water, poor cleaning products wipe, so as not to scratch the mirror and reduce the viewing effect. Serious damage to the lens can not work. It is recommended to use special 3D glasses to clean the disinfectant.

3D glasses commonly used disinfection methods: 3D glasses applications for cleaning agents for scrub, to the lens, frames, glasses around the scrub disinfection.

It is recommended to buy 3D glasses, do not discard 3D glasses bags, after viewing can be put back into the bag, so that the next viewing. 1.3D glasses only need some gray mirror legs can be touched some, frame and LCD lens to prevent touch, hand glasses, you can hold the mirror legs can be, do not force off the mirror legs to prevent damage.

2. Lens can not use any paper towels or towels to wipe, the use of professional cleaning things to clean, placed at home should do a good job dust protection work to prevent the adverse effects of glasses attack.

3. vision is not developed completely child care, the use of 3D glasses may be the formation of strabismus or amblyopia and other visual problems.

4. If you watch the three-dimensional film for too long, adults will appear these questions, so adults use 3D glasses to watch three-dimensional film should also be bound time.

5. Cinema supply 3D glasses generally re-use, after recovery and no disinfection, it is inevitable to bring risks to the audience, so advocate the use of glasses at home to always carry out cleaning work.

6. to prevent children under the age of 6 use 3D glasses to watch three-dimensional movies.

7.3D glasses can not be recycled after the use of others.

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