3D Eyeware Look At The Variety Of Styles

- Aug 04, 2017 -

3D Eyeware Look at the variety of styles

How to judge the quality of 3D glasses

Some family population is more, two pairs of 3D glasses is not enough, you will buy a few pairs. So, how to choose 3D glasses in the end it?

First, choose by weight. Because to see 3D film when an increase in the part of wearing glasses, more or less will make the audience feel not used, so whether the glasses light has become an important issue. Of course, 3D glasses is still relatively easy to buy, in the online or flat-panel TV repair point can buy, at present in some specialized optical shop also have 3D glasses sold, there is a need friends may wish to see.

Second, look at the variety of styles. 3D glasses on the market varied, uneven quality, the price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. The same is 3D glasses, the price difference is far worse? The reason is mainly 3D glasses are not the same material, like red and blue glasses, mainly paper red and blue, of course, cheap. In addition, polarized 3D glasses only need more than ten dollars. And active shutter 3D glasses are relatively expensive, ranging from a few hundred dollars, as many as a thousand dollars, of course, this is the best inside a 3D glasses inside.

Third, try to wear before buying. Some poor quality 3D glasses wear dizziness or vomiting, the main reason is the lens flashing and 3D signal difference caused by the 3D picture is not smooth, the lens is not good light, low light, so the purchase must be note.

How to use 3D glasses correctly

1.3D glasses only gray mirror leg part can be touched part of the frame and LCD lens is strictly prohibited, hand-held glasses, please hold the mirror legs can be, do not force off the mirror legs to avoid damage.

2. lens can not use any paper towels or towels to wipe, if you think the lens is not clean enough to show their hands to indicate the waiter, by the waiter for your service. There will be a staff member in the front row of your viewing process, ready to serve you.

3. If you are less expensive glasses, please remove the myopia to wear, or by the staff for you to change the front position, if not, please look at the whole picture with both hands holding the mirror legs, Gently wear 3D glasses, and let the two glasses to keep a certain distance so as not to scratch each other.

4. In the course of your viewing, whether you have any reason to leave the studio are required to return the eyes to the staff and holding the ticket again into the studio, please do not leave the glasses to the companion or on the seat Cup holder.

5. With the audience of children, please wear and remove your 3D glasses for your children, do not let children play, playing with glasses, please pay attention to custody, and take care of your side of the children.

6. Cinema screening three-dimensional movies, the middle of the break must be lengthened, to avoid dizziness or reduce the damage to the eyes.

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