3D Eyeware Stereoscopic Video Technology

- Nov 02, 2017 -

3D Eyeware Stereoscopic video technology

Modern society, every natural person in the world, almost every day to come into contact with a variety of screens. Television, movies, computers, mobile phones ... ..., the screen is the electronic products to convey information to humans, the main visual video. Human display technology every step forward, are closer to the screen display virtual space and real life distance, from black and white to color, and upgraded to the current high-definition. Display technology for each replacement, will be on the public audio-visual habits to bring a subversive impact. Now, HD technology shows the screen resolution has exceeded our human retina, if still improve the clarity of effort, there is not much room to play. With the rapid development of science and technology, high-definition technology to dominate the screen display of the current model will certainly be broken, then the future will be what kind of display mode dominate the world? China 3D Industry Alliance Vice President Mr. Liu Meihong firmly believe that: 3D to replace high-definition, is the inevitable trend of the future development of the screen.

Liu Meixhong is the chairman of the China 3D Industry Alliance vice president, engaged in 3D stereo video development and manufacturing nearly a decade, R & D and production of 3D glasses and a series of three-dimensional video products, are in the international and domestic leading level. In recent years, the company focused on the naked eye 3D research and development and manufacturing, has become a leader in the field of 3D, China is currently the most powerful 3D display technology overall program provider.

The future of 3D stereoscopic video technology, Liu Meihong confidence. He said: the future of the screen HD will give way to 3D, this is not our practitioners speculation, but the inevitable progress of human audio-visual progress. After the birth of video technology, display technology every cross, the purpose is to make people closer to show the real. Black and white color is replaced, the simulation is replaced by high-definition, are to meet people want to see really need to see clear.

3D stereo video technology, not only can solve people see really see the problem, but also people's eyes completely ignore the existence of the screen, the performance of the screen content, and the audience without suture, human and machine three-dimensional interaction, enhanced The audience is like an immersive realism. Developed this naked eye 3D mobile phone named "cool", equipped with Andrews system, the application of time-consuming 4 years of research and development of 3D camera module, touch screen and transcoding technology. It can be in the 2D display and 3D display between the free switch, so that people do not need to bring cumbersome 3D glasses can be at any time into the 3D stereo world. Independent development of the "cloud transcoding technology", the technology can achieve 2D / 3D display a key switch, with the 3D engine development of mobile games, developers do not need any technical changes, as long as the cloud platform to upload, the game can In the 2D and 3D display between the random switch; Similarly, 3D movies can also be a key to switch to 2D, without having to re-find the source. This to some extent to solve the embarrassment of no 3D applications, is very conducive to the popularity of 3D intelligent terminal.

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