3D Eyeware The Principle Of The Image

- Sep 01, 2017 -

3D Eyeware The principle of the image

Visual deformation: the location of sight line of sight with the greater the angle of the projection light, the greater the visual deformation. The closest seat from the screening window is certainly the least. Visual deformation of the three-dimensional effect of the show is fatal. Sitting in a very partial position, will directly lead you to actually see the screen, with the projector projection of the original screen is very different, seriously affect the three-dimensional effect. So for 3D movie viewing, pick a good location is essential, even more than what to see the version is more important.

3D is not a high-tech gadgets, it's invented much earlier than the film, even earlier than photography

First, the principle of 3D images

People eyes to receive the scene is slightly different, the brain to combine the two scenes together to see the three-dimensional image. 3D glasses is the use of this principle, through the two cameras in accordance with the human eye aberration synchronized shooting, and then through the two projectors synchronized show, so that through the left and right lenses to see the different images of the brain after the combination of stereo vision.

3D image implementation, the need for the same standard three elements: film source, playback equipment, 3D glasses, at the same time.

Second, 3D glasses

Early 3D movies use red and green (blue) glasses, different colors of the lens to filter out the corresponding color, so that we see a different image, this technology will not affect the screen effect is not complete, long wear, easy eyes Soreness.

The new 3D glasses technology mainly has the following standard:

1, IMAX standard: linear polarized lenses, left eye horizontal polarized, right vertical vertical polarization

Polarized glasses are the use of light characteristics, in the movie show, the special emitter shows a 90 ° polarization angle of the screen. Two images polarized in different directions, while the glasses only accept the direction of the image, the combination of the brain to produce stereoscopic vision. Do not wear glasses to see the picture is overlapping image, some fuzzy.

2, X-PanD time-sharing system: also known as electronic shutter system

This technology is the left and right eyes of the screen alternately play, through the electronic signal synchronization, making the glasses corresponding to the left eye or the right eye a light, an opaque, alternating. Play the image and the frequency of the same glasses, you can see the three-dimensional image.

3, RealD spectral system: circular polarized lenses, 3D TV is now the mainstream system, is currently the largest cinema accounted for the standard.

4, MasterImage spectral system: circular polarized lenses, has been RealD acquisition, no longer use this standard.

5, Dolby color system: red and green (blue) lenses of new technology improvements. Dolby 3D principle with the previous generation of red and blue 3D is the same system, but the effect is much better. In the ordinary digital projector on the installation of filter wheel and synchronization controller can be achieved, the cost is relatively low, and the filter wheel is easy to disassemble, but the higher the cost of glasses. The current use of the theater has been very little.

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