3D Eyeware Virtual Reality Technology

- Jul 06, 2017 -

3D Eyeware Virtual Reality Technology

Why is the VR one machine is the ultimate virtual reality? VR virtual glasses

Virtual reality technology, also known as VR technology, is one of the cutting edge technology today, the same 2016 is also recognized as the first year of VR, under the leadership of many world-class technology giants, virtual reality technology is rapidly developing. The VR industry is committed to creating and letting users experience the experience that is only available in the real world. In simple terms, VR technology wants to bring the user's perception into the virtual world created by it and let the user Thought that all of the past is true. Does this virtual reality experience really exist? Let's take a look at VR's past life.

Origin: In 1935, the novelist Stanley G. Weinbaum in his novel describes a virtual reality glasses, and the novel is considered the world's first proposed virtual reality concept works. VR virtual glasses

Budding: 1968, the father of computer graphics Ivan Sutherland designed the first headset display Sutherland, its birth, marking the headset virtual reality equipment and head position tracking system for the birth of today's virtual technology lay A solid foundation, Ivan Sutherland is also known as the father of virtual reality. Although it is a head-mounted display, but because of the hardware technology limitations led to Sutherland quite heavy, simply can not be worn alone, must be built on the ceiling support bar, or can not be used normally.

Was born: 1994, the Japanese game company Nintendo for the game industry and the introduction of Virtual Boy, at the time indeed in the industry caused no small sensation, but because of the high cost of equipment, the game's actual experience is also very limited, so this product to market Lost and ended. Outbreak: 2016, this stage of the product has more close to the people of the equipment pricing, more powerful content experience and interactive means, the entire VR industry officially entered the outbreak.

The present strong content is enough to make people believe it

Jun not see, in some time ago, the world famous snooker champion O'Sullivan use VR equipment experience playing pool. Because the content is too real, he even subconsciously want to hold the table and out of the bar, the results fell a big somersault. VR virtual glasses more NBA free throws "Zhuang God" through the VR immersion sense of this root, "the last straw" to train his slag to improve the free throw line pitch level.

VR powerful content in the authenticity of the embodiment of the most vividly, October 25, 2016, "Ming and Qing imperial porcelain - the National Palace Museum and Jingdezhen ceramic archaeological new exhibition" in the Palace Museum Yanxi Palace and vegetarian palace opened. This is the first time that VR video technology has been applied to the National Palace Museum, giving the audience a vivid and interesting archaeological experience. But these or high-end or low-end VR devices tend to allow users to experience once, no longer back, because the VR box, although the victory in the cheap, but VR experience is very poor criticism. VR box not only need a strong phone configuration support can be slightly improved so little experience, buy high configuration phone price is worth the candle, and even if the phone configuration and then high, experience can not be compared with the VR helmet; in the experience is more trouble It is not only disassembly and fear will accidentally scratched the phone screen, and entertainment is also worried about others suddenly call the information and other information, feeling extremely unfriendly feeling!

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