3D Glasses To See 3D On The Computer Cause Of The Effect

- May 19, 2016 -

Glasses and does not match the source.

3D glasses on the market today-main color (color cast), polarization, time division type (shutter) three types: computer with color, General cinema makes use of polarized light, when not commonplace. 3D output is divided into three species, partial color (to Blu-ray led) polarizing and shutter (to NVIDIA 3D VISION led) three species, except partial color format outside, other two species are need specific of displayed equipment only can watch, or is see not out any of 3D effect of, conversely, is General of computer display only watch partial color format of 3D output, and cannot watch polarizing and shutter of.

Using color on your computer. Computer because there is only one projection mode, computers are usually red and blue 3D movie, red green 3D movie, red purple 3D movie, with red blue (or green, purple) color separation technology, respectively, need to use red and blue glasses, red-and-green glasses, red and purple glasses. Note: the red and green 3D movies with red and blue glasses to see the effect.

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