A Pair Of 3D Cinema System

- May 19, 2016 -

This practical new created provides a double 3D theater system, including storage device, and audio amplifier system and video play system, audio amplifier system including audio processor, and D/A conversion device, and audio jumper disc, and around audio group, and Bass Amplifier device and bass audio group, video play system including video play server and several projector, storage device for audio control host or Blu-ray machine, around audio group for several array column arrangement of listens speaker, bass audio group including several bass speaker. A pair of 3D cinema system, is a simple operation and maintenance, high integration and high-quality theatrical effects theater system, not only provides a high resolution 3D footage, also through the 3D holographic sound technology, that is arranged through the monitor speakers to become array to restore the sound and reproduce the most natural and the most realistic sound environment.

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