Children 3D Eyeware Motion Sickness

- Oct 23, 2017 -

Children 3D Eyeware Motion sickness

Children's 3D glasses motion sickness is currently no way to completely eliminate the technical means, although we can not optimize children's 3D glasses equipment, but we can enhance their resistance to children's 3D glasses motion sickness. In fact, like motion sickness, even the most likely to be motionless people can find ways to overcome. Here let us look at what methods can reduce children's 3D glasses motion sickness method:

One, slowly adapt

Suppose you have a very bad experience in a children's 3D glasses game. You try it, and then when you start moving in the virtual world, suddenly feel dizzy, the stomach must begin to reflux. At this time you certainly do not want to enter this game anymore.

If you are dizzy in the movement of children's 3D glasses, first of all pay attention not to move too much at once, slowly control the distance and speed of movement, just like children learn to walk the same. When you feel dizzy, stand still, close your eyes and take a deep breath, then try again. If you are lucky enough to gradually increase the distance of the event, then that soon after you can fully adapt to this situation.

Second, you need to encourage

It sounds a bit strange, but in fact it is also a scientific basis. According to some reports, people are more likely to overcome these problems when encouraged. Some people have been tested, regardless of whether people will encounter motion sickness, are encouraged to all he will be all right, the psychological role can increase people's resistance to these problems.

Three ginger

Ginger is not simply to fishy seasoning. According to the study proved that ginger also has refreshing, to prevent the effect of vertigo. If we are wearing a child 3D eye lens is an hour ago to add a little ginger, then we feel the risk of dizziness will drop a lot. Like people who are easy to motion sickness, always on the train with a piece of ginger.

Four, blowing fan

When playing children's 3D glasses game to find a fan blowing against their own, in fact, this is not very strange thing, a lot of people when the motion sickness want to blow hair, because it can make them feel comfortable. Although we do not know the specific mechanism inside, in short, if the skin feel the temperature drop will become more refreshing. At the same time the fan has other effects, such as to prevent the head was sweating and was soaked. Five, tea benzene Haining

Motion sickness to eat halo car medicine, which is very normal, of course, children's sleep glasses without vertigo children 3D glasses drugs, Of course, the use of this method before or consider it, after all, medicine can not eat, although not necessarily have a lot of side effects, but we are still cautious little better.

Six, you need to prevent halo ring (children's 3D glasses)

This method is about to say that the great Chinese medicine, in fact, this brace has long appeared, specifically for motion sickness, seasick used, the principle is to stimulate a wrist on the acupuncture points (Neiguan), to prevent dizziness.

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