Children 3D Eyeware Separate Left And Right Eye Images

- Jul 21, 2017 -

Children 3D Eyeware Separate left and right eye images

As we all know, look at the 3D version of "Avatar" need to wear a kind of glasses. What does this kind of glasses work? It turned out that the observation of stereoscopic images on the need for a mechanism to separate the left and right eye images, so that the left eye only to see the left, the right eye only to see the right. Three-dimensional glasses is the role of this. There was a look like a telescope three-dimensional mirror, left and right lens directly to the corresponding view to the left and right eyes, but this device can only be for single viewing. A common method of using a single display device and allowing multiple people to watch is frame switching. The left and right view alternates on the screen, and an occlusion mechanism causes the left eye to cover the left eye while the left view is being played, and the left eye when the right view is played. Early use of mechanical devices in the display refresh when blocking the corresponding eye. The new technology using optoelectronic methods to complete the block, three-dimensional glasses are more light. LCD screen can be used to make high-speed switching shutter glasses, which is the use of liquid crystal molecules to re-arrange the power to change the principle of transparency of the LCD screen. The electronic pulse makes the lens transparent and allows the light to pass through. No electric pulse, the lens opaque, the eyes can not see the image. The display device can be a computer monitor or a projector. The left and right eyes of the lens are alternated with the left and right views on the display device, and the shutter glasses need to be synchronized with the display device via an infrared connection or a cable connection. As the left and right view of the rotation take up, display equipment to achieve more than 120Hz refresh rate in order to avoid quality flashing. Compared with the polarized stereoscopic glasses described below, the shutter glasses due to the photoelectric control equipment and thus higher cost. Polarized stereoscopic glasses utilize the polarization properties of light. The display device is equipped with a polarization controller, according to the left and right view play rotation to produce polarization direction perpendicular to each other polarized light. The polarized glasses worn by the observer coincide with the polarized light of the display device, which is equivalent to blocking the shutter. When the left view shows, the display device sends the polarized light parallel to the polarized direction of the left eye lens, the left eye can see the left view, and the right eye lens polarization direction with the vertical can not see the left view. When the right view shows, the situation is the opposite. If you use the projection method, you can install two projectors to avoid the left and right view switch, the image looks brighter. This is what we call double show. One projector plays the left view and the other plays the right view simultaneously. The two projectors use polarized polarizers in the opposite direction. However, the use of two projectors will always bring a lot of difficulties in adjusting the image, because the left and right views from different projectors need to align, brightness should be consistent, the image size to be consistent. Since the two projection lens positions can not coincide, the trapezoidal distortion of the projected image can not be exactly the same. To minimize the difference between the two projected images, the two projectors are usually arranged up and down.

The polarized image looks darker, because the post-polarization light can not be effectively propagated. If you use a projection device, the projection screen is preferably coated with a layer of material that does not depolarize. Cinema with soft metal screen screening effect is better than the white screen, because the metal screen is almost no damage to polarized light. However, the use of polarized methods of stereoscopic display devices are usually high cost of the player, while the polarized glasses is very cheap, for a large number of viewers will not increase the cost, so the cinema and commercial exhibition is a good choice.

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