Developed A New Generation Of Science On Future-d Glasses 3D Cinema Equipment More Comfortable

- May 19, 2016 -

Dim screen, is that many people feel when they watch 3D movies a major flaw. Glasses wearing uncomfortable, worried about health risks and the general feeling of the audience. In the recently held in China International exhibition of film technology, developed by the University of Shanghai for science team unveiled new 3D film conversion equipment, effective solution to these problems. According to reports, this equipment made of light efficiency index reached 20%, far higher than current 3D film projection equipment efficiency average, so that images become brighter, more beautiful. And the team's glasses, design a more humane, and allows the audience to take home, and eliminate the risk of infection.

China Engineering Academy, academician of CAs, Shanghai Institute of optics and Dean of school of electronic and information engineering introduced Zhuang Songlin, cinema 3D projection equipment in China are almost always come from abroad, become the bottleneck China's development of a 3D movie.

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