Dual Projection 3D Cinema System Precautions

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Dual Projection 3D Cinema System Precautions

Cast polarized 3D, want to say love you is not easy! On the two cast 3D some of the notes ~ Recently some students want to try under the double cast 3D, really double vote is the current 3D better program, but the external cost of superfluous 720P have been far beyond the current single 1080P 3D projection price, And want a good effect of double 1080P projection plus metal curtain cost is more expensive! But also support the hands of the hands of the hands of the same two players in this area to make a pilot for everyone to show (poison). Double cast is the use of polarized 3D principle, is the use of light "vibration direction" to break down the original image of the principle, by adding a polarizer on the display screen, you can send two different directions of the two different direction of the screen, When the screen through the polarized eye, because the polarized eye of each lens can only accept a polarization direction of the screen, so that people can receive two left and right eyes of the screen, and then through the brain synthesis of three-dimensional images. Polarized light of this feature just to meet the needs of three-dimensional film - let the left and right eyes to see a completely different picture. By placing the polarizer on the two projectors, the projector is projected with a completely polarized polarized light perpendicular to each other, and then the viewer can use the specific polarized glasses to allow the left and right eyes to see their different images without interfering with each other.

The following talk about the operation of the dual-vote program and precautions 1. With HDMI (VGA or DVI) line to the two projectors and computer graphics card, respectively, two video output port, polarization 3D host computer requirements Is also high, the graphics card must be dual output, projection screen requirements with gray screen (white plastic or glass beads not), the best election, such as metal screen, there is a proud of the brand of three-dimensional projection screen up to 10 times the gain effect Not bad. 2. With the same model and batch of two projectors show the screen perfect overlap, so the general use of the lens shift function of the projector is best to adjust; 3. Install the polarizer in front of the projector lens; 1) two LCD projection Machine-made method: a. Linear polarized glasses to watch (perspective is small, the first shake has the effect of three-dimensional effect) in each projector before the installation of [line polarized glass] or [line polarizing film]. (Note: the LCD is out of the line is polarized, so you can not use circular polarized light, otherwise it will be missing color) b. Circular polarized glasses to watch (large viewing angle) in front of each projector installed [1/4 Wave plate], note the angle of a 40 degrees, a 135 degrees (Note: 1/4 wave plate is the line polarized light converted to circular polarization).

2) Two DLP projectors to achieve the method: a. Line polarized glasses to watch in front of each projector [line polarized glass] or [line polarizing film]. Note the angle of a 0 degrees, a 90 degrees. B . Round polarized glasses to watch in front of each projector [round polarized glass], pay attention to the angle. A 0 degrees, a 180 degrees above the two methods of detection: to bring [polarized glasses] standing on the [ Polarized glass sheet] or [1/4 wave] two projectors, with one eye, two of which [polarized glass] or [1/4 wave], a light, an opaque, And then another eye to see, two of which [polarized glass] or [quarter-wave] is just the opposite: an opaque, a light.

3. What are the related settings on the computer and how to do it? A. The two outputs of the graphics card set the same resolution and refresh rate b. The two outputs of the graphics card are set to independent output, that is, the expansion mode is 4. Decoder SSP software.

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