Glasses-free 3D Display Coming Quietly Comprehensive Advanced Age

- May 19, 2016 -

Glasses-free 3D display coming quietly comprehensive advanced age, talking about "3D", Zhuo Meihua as believe many of technical control will be familiar. Especially during this year's national day, glasses-free 3D technology was introduced for the first time in Tiananmen Square "big basket" building, the "3D" at home is setting off a new round of upsurge. In 2011, the majority of consumers still wrestling with 3D TV brand value, practicality, without professional 3D glasses, you can watch the screen through the naked eye vivid 3D stereoscopic technology has the effect of momentum in the market. Experts predict that within 3-5 years, glasses-free 3D technology will be widely used in the electronics market, and gradually replaced professional auxiliary equipment is needed to watch the 3D display products.

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