Storm 3D Cinema And Drama Who Is More Important

- May 19, 2016 -

The rapid development of the film industry, on the one hand is the number of theaters grew and diversified, on the increase of domestic cinema and equipment update, is also accelerating. Development of cinema industry, also has led to many high-end film projector manufacturers into the domestic market, digital cinema projector industry in the future development of a blue ocean.

Development of the industry, brought a lot of new technologies and the emergence of new concepts, such as today's popular 3D, and IMAX 3D technology in the market, has just launched 4D, 5 d, conceptual technologies, all attract the consumer's attention.

The contrast is, film script the lack of creativity, only a brilliant scene in the movie, the passion, fight scenes, it's hard to find rich connotation, patiently trying to plot.

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